Simon wrote:
>Can you explain this a bit more?  I don't understand the comments about
field selection.  I am fairly sure 
>fields in a subfile record cannot be conditioned.  So do you mean each SFL
record is really a single field 
>which is formatted programmatically?

If SFLSIZ=SFLSIZ, you can condition fields. So, in the example I originally
posted, a PO's by vendor inquiry, one could have a subfile like this (I
hope the indenting works):

Mr. Vendor, 123 Somewhere Ave, KS
YTD Purchases: $25000
 PO 12345-1 CAT# 56789001 ORD QTY 100
   QTY  10 DUE 1/1/99
     QTY 5 RCVD 1/1/99
     QTY 5 RCVD 1/2/99
   QTY  10 DUE 2/1/99
   QTY  80 DUE 4/1/99

Line 1 & 2 could be conditioned by *in50
Line 3 could be conditioned by *in51
Line 4,7,8 could be conditioned by *in52
Line 5,6 could be conditioned by *in53

Notice that line 1 occupies two lines on the screen.

As I said, populating such a subfile is tricky...paging is even more
difficult. I was curious how some on the list handle these things.

I find them very useful. The screen can be transformed into something more
user friendly...of course that is just my opinion.

Take care,

Sen P/A
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