• Subject: VisualAge Install Issue ??
  • From: "Jeffrey Silberberg" <jsilberberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 13:09:41 -0500

 Morning all,

        I am trying to get a VisualAge C++ for AS/400 enviroment up on a
Win/NT 4.0 with SP3 installed, connected to an AS/400 Model 170 with V4R3
and CUM C8279430..

        First I got the CA/400 V3R2M0 and the PTF SF51617 installed and

        Then I installed the ADTS/CS for AS/400 which includes Code/400 and
VisualAge RPG.

        Then I put the VisualAge for C++ for Windows V3.5.5 onto the system,
this locked up while updating the registry at 99% complete.  I did a
hardware reset and then checked the install, all seemed to be present and
installed and I could do a "Hello World"..

        Then I put the VisualAge for C++ for AS/400 V3R7 (???). In the
install it did not see the Windows product (Why I am not sure), but I let it
go on and the "Dependant Components..Current Settings" was blank.  Well this
install got to a certain point and told me it could not locate the
"\HELP\IIWFHELP.INI" file, to complete the install and then run"CTTUTILS".
After another OKAY, I let it continue and like it's Win cousin, it got 99%
complete, and hung updating the registry where I had to do another hardware

        Now, the manual gives you a list of enviroment variables that should
be added or modified for the user that you install under. Well in checking
them some were and some were not, infact it looked like the new entries were
okay, but any appends failed. (??)

        Well, now I have a partial install, missing Browser, Editor,
Workfarame for the Program files, as well as some of the directories.

        First question, I installed in \program files\cttasw instaed of
C:\cttasw.  Is this thing that sensative ???
        Second,  Why did it not see the C++ for Windows already on the
system, am I missing some ENV VAR's ????
        Third,  DO I HATE Windows Systems ..   Answer = You BET !!!!

        Any help welcome !!!

        Jeff Silberberg.....

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