• Subject: Re: AS/400 RPG Certification Test
  • From: "David Morris" <dmorris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 08 Sep 1998 09:21:37 -0600


If you could pass please pass this on.  While taking the test I realized that a 
obvious typographical error made it so that there was no correct answer to one 
of the RPG questions.  Also, at least one fill in the blank question had a 
potentially ambiguous answer.  This left me wondering if they which value they 
were after.  After taking the test I tried to contact Silvon to let them know.  
They said to contact IBM and gave me a number.  Called the number, waited on 
hold for 1/2 hour and was told IBM is not responsible and to contact Silvon.

Overall, I think the test are fair.  I do think that some of the material is 
dated.  For example the SEU questions.  Many people taking the test probably 
use a PC based editor, I have used SEU as little as possible for over 5 years.  
Who cares how the code is entered, as long as you have entered enough code to 
understand RPG.  I also think it could be more difficult and much longer.  One 
hour is too short, the plumbing test my brother in law just took was scheduled 
to last 4 hours and few finish the test.  I finished the RPG test in about 20 
minutes and spent another 15 going over the answers.  Two or three hours with 
200 or 300 questions would have been much more useful.  Our programmers with 
less than two years experience all passed with no problem.  It took them less 
than 45 minutes.  With such a short test it is hard to identify weak areas when 
a single wrong answer changes the percentages for a section drastically.

David Morris

>>> Larry Bolhuis <lbolhui@ibm.net> 09/07 10:39 PM >>>

  First let me assure you that these discussions WILL make it to those
in charge of the tests. I personally will see to that. I have a face to
face with at least one of them in two weeks.

  Larry Bolhuis
  Arbor Solutions, Inc
  Grand Rapids, MI

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