• Subject: Re: IBM Supportline Woes!
  • From: "Carole Houghton" <mchcah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 07:02:34 +0000
  • In-reply-to: <351AA309.D7F786AB@fwi.com>

I'm catching up on my mail and thought I would add my horror story to 
the support line woes!  We bought 3 network stations last September.
We were unable to connect them to the Token Ring Lan.  I had support 
line network station people, tcpip people - then the network station 
software  developers over in our shop trying to find out what was 
happening. It seems that some of the code on the Network station 
cannot operate through a lan switch, if the MTU's on the TR Line are 
higher than 4196 (or some such number).  After working with them for 
literally months, we finally found the problem.  I received a bill 
from support line for over $4000's.  I called in to report the 
billing error with all the pertinent information and names.
Got a collection call.  Found out the first person
hadn't logged anything.  Got another bill - this time with a service 
charge. Very frustrating.  This still hasn't been resolved.  I'll 
probably have collection calls when I get back from Common.  Oh, this 
is the 3rd disputed bill in a 2 month period with them.  (And they 
wonder why we hate to call support line!)   The other 2 were also 
from last fall.  Seems they are trying to collect anything they can!!
Carole A. Houghton
Wenger Corp
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