• Subject: Typing 101 (was: Re: "Webulating" RPG)
  • From: DAsmussen <DAsmussen@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 15:40:41 EST


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> The thing I don't understand is why don't they teach typing at 
>  the computer schools?  I've never heard of typing 101 being a 
>  requirement at any level: High School, Vocational Technical, 
>  Community College,  or University.  It is not high speed word 
>  processor typing we need as must of the typing we do is what I 
>  call "burst mode".  20 or 40 keystrokes (for RPG, 50 or 100 for 
>  C/C++ and 1,000 for Cobol <g>...ducking) think a bit, then 
>  another burst.

Ain't it the truth?  I once had a brilliant co-worker, who could actually code
rather quickly with two fingers.  One day we re-arranged his key caps, and
brought him to a dead standstill (he was convinced that his terminal had a
logic card failure!).  Despite years of use, the guy still had no clue as to
where the keys should actually be.  The rest of us probably would have taken a
week to notice the ruse...


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