• Subject: Re: "Webulating" RPG
  • From: "Joe Teff" <jteff19@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 22:12:13 -0600

Scott Johnson wrote:
> And I know a lot of consultants and such say that SEU is on every AS/400
> and that CODE/400 is not.  But if you would put CODE/400 on a laptop and 
> take that with you on site, you would have CODE/400. 
> Then you could show off to the MIS people there how much more productive
> you are.  Which would result in more sales of CODE/400. 
> Which would result in IBM improving the product even more!

I have a laptop that I take with me everywhere I go. There are two problems 
that I
have run into.

  1. Not all clients will allow you to connect your laptop to their system 
(network, LAN,
      etc.). Depends on their policies.
  2. Ethernet connection to a network is becoming more common, but there are so
      many different ways that you can connect including hardware, wiring, 
network, etc.
      It's nice that CODE/400 resides on the laptop and it runs on Windows 95 
now, but
      their are so many other pieces involved.

I have CODE/400 (beta currently), WinAPPC, NetSoft Router and an Ethernet PCMCIA
card. It seems like there's always one more piece of hardware or software to 
get each
time I go to a new site.

Joe Teff
Bloomington, MN
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