• Subject: Re: Virtual Terminal API's
  • From: "Simon Coulter" <fbns@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Feb 98 22:32:20 +1100

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> Subject: Virtual Terminal API's

> Hey All,
> I'm doing some research on VTAPI's, i.e. QTVOPNVT, QTVRDVT, etc.... I was
wondering if anyone out 
there is using them ? and if so, will you be my buddy ? <gg> Seriously, I
would like to know where 
and if I can get more info on how to use them in an RPG and/or CL
environment. I have read that they 
are not well known and that the documentation on them is cryptic.
> Lynn
> lfolk@nbn.net 

Hello Lynn,

I have used these APIs.  They are reasonably straight forward but you do
need to experiment with them 
to find out what they REALLY do.  I am using them from C but that's no big
deal.  I will give what 
assistance I can.

Simon Coulter.

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