While i do agree with you in most of what you say, let me correct 
you in a little something:

>much-maligned OS/2 Warp Server, let alone NetWare.  My current 
>primary client has 3 people running _ALL_ systems management 
>functions on_SEVEN_ AS/400's in support of 5 live facilities and 
>close to 3K users.  We have C/S applications running core areas of 
>the plants, and an average of 50Gb of data at each plant.  Can a 
>similar NT shop boast the same support staff?

    If it was possible to have 3K dumb terminals on a NT server, why 
shouldnt it? Please when you translate that into NT'ish please be 
sensible, and do it well. Its obvious that 3 people supporting 7 
AS/400 with 3K users with dumb terminals (if they were all CA/400 
they wouldnt be enough) on them, isn't quite the same as having 3 
people supporting 7 NT's with 3K users with Win95 machines. It would 
be the nearest thing to hell on earth. They are different tasks, left 
for different people.

Pedro Manuel Rodrigues
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