• Subject: Re: System/34
  • From: qappdsn@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 00:47:45 -0800

Max Eskin wrote:

> Actually, I'm perfectly serious. In fact, it seems that they do run
> in some places. I am trying to get this one to run because it is as
> close as I am going to get to a computer of its class. I have an
> interest in old computers, you see.


How much ribbing can a guy take? :) S/34...I think I dated her once(actually 35
different ones).

If memory serves me, a S/34 is a 208/3 phase. Plug it into your dryer outlet and
it can handle a voltage flux gracefully.

The typical brownout that would kill an XT or calculator/adding machine wouldn't
raise an eyebrow on a S/34.  BTW, for the old goats out there, you may recall a
product being marketing which was a kitchen stove like bonnet with a fan so you
could pipe the S/34 heat into your central heating system to reduce overall
office heating costs.  The computer room was to warmest place in the dead of

All kidding aside, wish you would have asked two years ago before I moved.  Had 
complete set and dumped them like my 9th grade year book.  Fond memories, no
looking back.  If you have a particular question, personally I'll give you the
best I can recollect.

P.S. Although the S/34 may have been a patch work 24 bit system, 20 years ago it
could do a 24/7 that NT/95 can't do today.

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