• Subject: CPI96C0 message
  • From: "Marty" <keech@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Feb 98 14:17:26 CST

Chuck wrote:
>Marty wrote:
><stuff deleted>
><The only catch is this involves a change to a message, and that
>requires strong justification for a PTF, since it involves translation.
>I can't justify a PTF for this change.  Would our putting the change in
>a future release of OS/400 be satisfactory to you?>
>Hello Marty !!!
>SORRY for the lenghty delay in responding (and thanks to everyone for
>the "other ideas" on this !!!).
>I was having trouble with my e-mail, etc. and have all of that sorted
>out. Nothing like that first thing back in in a week (last week
>actually) and getting 700+ messages... :-)
>They only problem for "us" waiting for an actual release addition is
>that we are a 530-2 way RISC machine on V3R6. V3R7 is in a box on the my
>floor, slated for sometime in March (along with a COMPLETE DASD
>replacement). Us going beyond V3R7 would be towards the end of the year,
>at the earliest (unfortunately...).
>Do you have any information on where this stands ?
>Thanks !!!!

I know how that goes!  I've put the CPI96C0 change in the 'next'
release, and I've looked over the 'CPF1269' PTF that was referenced.

It's possible to put the code-only part of the change out as a V3R6
PTF (and V3R7, V4R1, etc), without the change to the CPI96C0 message,
but then the user (you) would have to manually change the CPI96C0 message
to see the new information.  When you installed V3R7, you'd need to re-
refresh the CPI96C0 message again, etc.

Is that okay with you?  How bad do you want the change?
Let me know,
Marty Keech
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