• Subject: RE: V4R1 and QPASRVP
  • From: Neil Palmer <npalmer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 15:49:51 -0700

Read the V4R1 Memo To Users that is shipped with V4R1 (SNDPTFORD SF98016
if you've lost it), specifically the section entitled TARGET DISPLAY
It tells you how to make it work the old way if that's what you need.

An excerpt from this says:

 Change the QPASTHRSVR system value to 0 and end the        
 target display station pass-through servers using the      
 End Communications Server (ENDCMNSVR) command.  This       
 causes the previous job structure to be used.  A job for   
 each session is created in a communications subsystem.     

 In a future release, the support for setting QPASTHRSVR    
 to 0 may be removed.                                       

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        One of the changes with V4R1 seems to be a job QPASRVP.
        This job is the target pass-through server job that is used by
        pass-thru and terminal emulation.  Prior to this pass-thru and
        terminal emulation were handled by individual jobs.  No big

        However, it seems that for a given system there may be only
        1 QPASRVP job.  The system value QPASTHRSVR allows you
        to control this but I haven't seen any effect on changing this.

        My problem with this stems from CA/400 (imagine that).  On
        occasion we will have a user who locks up or can't signon.
        They typically will reboot on their own.  Sometimes this works
        and sometimes it doesn't.  Our operators (unknown to me at
        the time - although I can't argue against it) typically then
        end all jobs associated with the client access 'session'.

        Unfortunately, even though there may only be one QPASRVP
        job you will see it associated with each CA/400 device that
        has evoked terminal emulation.  What happens?  An operator
        ending jobs on an individuals PC will end the QPASRVP job
        can recover but it is a little bit too late.

        Currently, I have stressed to everyone the importance of
        not ending jobs unless they really have to and to never end
        the QPASRVP job.  Problem is everyone (including me)
        does not have a perfect memory and I am really worried about
        the continued impact on the 'stability' of the system.

        1.)  I am assuming that this is the way it should be and
        that other people on V4R1 are in the same boat.

        2.) You can tell the system to start up to 100 of these jobs
        but for the life of me I can't seem to get anymore than
        one to work.

        3.) Operationally, doesn't this seem to be a design flaw?

        4.) What way do you have the system stop people from
        ending 1 specific job?

        Michael Crump
        Technical Project Leader
        Ball-Foster Glass Container Corp.

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