At 09:19 AM 2/7/98 +0000, Stephen Hunt wrote:
>I could be wrong, but I'm sure someone here mentioned that V3R2 would not
>run on the B models.... something IBM put in specifically (to kill of the
>older boxes maybe?).

I doubt that, but let's be reasonable about backward compatibility. Unless I 
counted one of the toes twice, the B models came out 12 years ago. If any of 
them are still in service, they deserve to be put out to pasture with honors. 
What else can you think of that's 12 years old and still working? OK, maybe 
there is some blacksmith equipment, but do yourself a favor, donate the B to a 
museum and get 2 orders of magnitude improvement in price-performance ratio by 
buying a new one. You wouldn't expect to be running 12 year old software and 
still be competitive, would you? Think about it. In web years, it was the late 
19th century. Hoobert Heever was pres, George I was king, every screen started 
by letting you choose whether you wanted to A/C/D, Dick Clark was, um, about 
the same... Am I lyin'? ;-)


Pete Hall

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