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>I've been contracted by a customer to be their Y2K consultant.  In doing
>the analysis
>of their software & systems in general, I have told them they need to
>upgrade the OS
>(1 machine V2R3, 2 machines V3R0M5, 1 machine V3R1).  The company is balking 
>against this upgrade, giving the reasoning that the 400's are going away in
>3-5 years.
>What reasonings can I use to get this company to upgrade the OS?  Was I
>correct in 
>telling them that these OS's are not Y2K compliant?  Will the company be
>burned if
>they stay on these OS's thru Y2K?
Burn, Burn, Burn.

Furthermore, they have done most of the investing on OS/400 already.  To be
Y2K compliant on a CISC system, you need to be at V3R2, which means
purchasing V3.  They have already purchased V3 on three of the four
systems!  Installing V3R2 takes two weekends.  (This assumes working two
Saturdays, with reserving Sunday as a 'just in case day'.  We do this all
the time, and have never had to work a Sunday.)  V3R1/2 uses about 15% more
CPU capacity and 400-700 MB more DASD than V3R0M5, however your mileage may

BTW.  V3R0M5 went unsupported on 5/31/97 and V3R1 will go unsupported on
5/31/98.  I wrote a White Paper titles "The Benefits of OS/400 Release
Currency" last year.  It's available on the web at:
htm), or it's available from IBM for a nominal charge.  The web page is a
bitch to read, but the printed copy will make a good impression on your

However, IBM announced a new AS/400 this week, the model 170.  No pricing
until next week.  The model 170 will require V4R2 (all RISC models at V3R7
and higher are Y2K compliant).  Capacities were announced, and the 170
should replace any CISC model AS/400 at an F45 or lower, and many higher
models with limits as to attachability.  General availability starts 2/27
with very limited attachability, and full attachability models available in
April (the exact date seems to be floating).

Although pricing has not yet been announced, based on my experience as an
IBM price watcher and BP, that the 170 will pay for itself in 3 to 5 years
(probably on the lower side).  If so, I hope to have a presentation
available at Spring COMMON.


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