>Since everyone is talking about Copyright, I thought I'd mention (just in case
>y'all missed it) that RPG IV allows you to put a Copyright statement in the
>program _object_ through the use of the H-spec keyword COPYRIGHT.
>e.g.  H    Copyright('This is Jon's - No stealing!')
>Jon Paris - AS/400 AD Market Support - paris@ca.ibm.com
>Phone: (416) 448-4019   -   Fax: (416) 448-4414

Uh, I believe that, to be a valid Copyright, you have to include the entire
phrase, "Copyright 19xx Jon Paris."  You may go on to add things like, "No
stealing permitted, and this work may not be reproduced by any means,
including chisel and stone tablet, unless negotiated fees have been paid."

The little C-in-a-Circle is optional if you include the entire word,
"Copyright."  The use of (C) has not been accepted as valid AFAIK.

--Paul E Musselman

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