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07/12/2007 01:01 Re: [MAPICS-L] Help with user exits

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Where are you seeing that is supplies that info?? I only see it
company#, container code, container #, & packing list format

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[MAPICS-L] Help with user exits

I am trying to use user exit 'UMBSPF2R' and new to using User Exits.
I have inserted my code and got it to compile. Have also activated the
user exit in Mapics. I am looking for the 'Company#, 'Internal header',
'order #' and 'Shipment Header'. Which this user exit shows it supplies.

The data that I am looking for should be 01, 1, 201 and 10 (this no
increases by 1 for each run). But I only get the company# and an order#
like this '7431'(this number increases by 10 each time I run the
shipment). I do not see the 'Internal header or Shipment header with any

data in them.
Also when I do create a shipment a screen displays (UMBSHP6I) which is
'EXIT: Process Ship Order Item' with the correct data displayed. I do
know how this one got activated.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. This is all new to me.
William Moore
California Fine Wire

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