Update on the lp5250d issue

I have fixed the compile of the 16.5 version on suse 9.1. A diff with the
cvs version of tn5250.c showed that a \ was missing on line 181.

However the ''chgwtr'' issue remains the same. when the writer prints from
a different queue, there is no output to printer, even though it appears
that data processing takes place...

Elmars Ositis



I'm having a bit of a problem with the latest cvs version and suse 9.1
using cups.

When I start the lp5250d daemon to an outq on the as/400, I can print fine.
However, if I would like to move the writer to another outq with the
command 'chgwtr eeprn001 tlxlib/ina' the writer moves to the new outq,
processes the files, but I do not get any output to the printer, event
though the process manager shows that lp5250d, lpr and cups are doing their
job i.e. processing data.

previously I was using the latest release on redhat enterprise server 2,
and this worked fine, but the release was not compiling correctly on suse.

anybody have any ideas?


Elmars Ositis

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