OK, I added the following to the key down table in winterm.c
{ VK_SHIFT    VK_LEFT,         K_PREVWORD  , 0, 1 },
{ VK_SHIFT    VK_RIGHT,        K_NEXTWORD  , 0, 1 },

and it maps to the appropriate functions just fine.  Alas, the function
doesn't do what I want it to do.  They move the cursor to the next/last
non-blank character.  I would like to move to the next/last field whether
it's blank or not (like the option column in PDM.)

So, I have a look around to see where the K_PREVWORD is used, and by
burrowing in enough places, I see that PREVWORD is called in display.c and
implemented in dbuffer.c.  When I get a chance, I will try to change
tn5250_dbuffer_prevword to go to the field boundary, not just to the next

Thanks for the tips.  I will let the list know how I make out. (Green screen
guy trepidation showing.)

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