• Subject: Re: Solved lp5250d problem? (was Re: lp5250d problem?)
  • From: Scott Klement <klemscot@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 23:01:27 -0500 (CDT)

On Fri, 11 Aug 2000 jsanchez@cyberdude.com wrote:

> On 10 Aug 00, at 11:40, Scott Klement wrote:
> Hello Scott,
> > both tn5250 and lp5250d use the standard sockets calls to the TCP/IP
> > stack that every other network application on your system uses.  They
> > should be able to communicate over a LAN, SLIP, PPP, a complex routed
> > WAN or even the Internet without any difficulties. 
> And both tn5250 and lp5250d work great right now. Apparently, if I 
> use full path names, or commands that are too long with the -P 
> parameter of lp5250d, a connection is created but whenever 
> something is sent to the device from the AS/400 side, it goes to 
> that big bit bucket in the sky. The way I was calling lp5250d was: 
> /usr/local/bin/lp5250d -s APP$SNUM -T '*EPLX810' -P 
> '/usr/local/bin/scs2ascii | lpr' s10b0001, where $SNUM is a global 
> variable that defines the store/location of the printer and s10b0001 
> is the AS/400 (as if you didn't know that!  ;-). Once I shortened that 
> down to 'lp5250d -s APP$SNUM -T '*EPLX810' -P 'scs2ascii | lpr'  
> s10b0001, it works fine. I think that even the lp5250d path was 
> being passed on to the AS/400. If anybody is interested, I could 
> send a tracefile where you can see that the MFRTYPMDL field 
> being passed something other than *EPLX810.

Yes, in old versions of lp5250d it was easy to overflow the buffers
created to store the output command, etc.  (I used to manually patch
lp5250d every time I refreshed it from the servers to fix that problem)

This, however, was fixed when I changed lp5250d to use the new config
file scheme. (Instead of the command line switch scheme)  From the
examples that you're listing here, you're using an old version.  Please
update to something newer, it should solve that problem.

> > If you're having problems from remote sites, I'd recommend checking
> > your company's firewall and router configurations.  Make sure that
> > ports 23 and 515 are open and being routed properly.
> Checked...everything works okay...guess I should've checked the 
> tracefile a while back...  =-)
> > Hope that helps...
> Well, I hope my adventures do help some in the development of 
> tn5250. BTW, any ideas as to why the cursor gets a mind of its 
> own at times? I can work for long periods of time using other 
> applications, but sometimes tn5250's cursor starts scrolling slowly 
> accross (sp?) the screen, and pressing a function key takes one to 
> a screen that one isn't even supposed to be in. How can I check 
> the serial port to see if that's the cause of my woes?
> Once again, thanks to all...
> Jose Sanchez
> DRJ, Inc.

Hmmm... I haven't run across that one...  Sounds like maybe a key is
getting stuck, from your description?  I guess what I'd do (to try to
narrow the problem down) is exit tn5250 when the cursor is going nuts, and 
see if you have the same problem in other apps.

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