Hi David,

I've got two suggestions for you:

First off, which memory pool are the QZDASOINIT jobs running in?  You want
to make sure to have enough memory for those processes.  The optimizer will
execute the same SQL statement differently when it has amble memory vs. when
it is constrained by memory.

A good rule of thumb (this is rough but it is a close approximation) is to
take the amount of memory that the pool has and divide that by the number of
max jobs allowed in the pool.  This will give you the amount of memory that
the SQL statement has to work with.  Also, how many other jobs are running
in that same memory pool?  We separated out these jobs into their own memory
pool.  You will have to do some testing to find the optimal amount of memory
per QZDASOINIT job.  Maybe someone else can add some wisdom here??

Secondly, you should take a look at the command DSPACTPJ and plug in the
QZDASOINIT job.  This will give you some information on the usage and how
many requests have been rejected.  There is also some other very useful
information there that you can use to adjust how many jobs are initially
started, how many to jobs to add when needed, etc.  You can then adjust
using the CHGPJE command.  Go slow with this.  

I hope this helps.

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Subject: JDBC performance suggestions for DB2 400?


Does anyone have any links, or suggestions, for improving the general
performance of DB2/400 via JDBC (running off the iSeries)?

I'm interested mainly in adjustments that can be made without effecting
the database directly (i.e., new access paths, etc).



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