Buck --

The v5r1 jar file should be
/QIBM/ProdData/OS400/Java400/ext/db2_classes.jar.  If your programmer is
writing this on the desktop, you'll need to download this file (via
binary FTP or similar) to the desktop and make sure it's in the
compilation classpath.  If you're using WSAD, this would be an external
jar in your java build path.

Found this information in the InfoCenter, clear as day:

On the 400, be sure that this jar has been added into the runtime
extensions directory /QIBM/UserData/Java400/ext.  Setup instructions for
the JDBC driver are here:


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> Subject: How can I find out what JAR file has a class?
> Hello after a long absence!
> Background:
> We've hired a Java programmer and she's trying to write a
> stored procedure in Java.  We've found the SQL Concepts guide
> section where it
> (inaccurately?) describes the JAR file that holds the
> com.ibm.db2.app.* classes as
> /QIBM/ProdData/Java400/ext/db2routines_classes.jar  I can't
> find this on either of my V5R1 systems.  I can find
> db2_classes.jar, but of course my import com.ibm.db2.app.*;
> statement fails compilation, telling me that the class cannot
> be found.
> The question:
> There are many JAR files living on the system.  Is there a
> way to find out what JAR file contains com.ibm.db2.app.*?
> The archives and web haven't been of much help.  I've been in
> the DB2 for zOS manuals, but they haven't helped either.
>   --buck
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