Please wait for your IBM representative to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Robyn'
you: How much?
Robyn: One minute here, and I'll take a quick look for you.
Robyn: Do you mind holding a moment or two?
you: no problem
Robyn: Thanks.
Robyn: I'll be right with you.
Robyn: Thanks for waiting. Looks as though the license for Storage Manager 
Mail starts at about $122 USD.
you: Per server?
you: per whole tsm domain?
you: Per email client?
Robyn: That pricing is based on a per value unit basis. Basically, the 
pricing is determined by the type of processor in your server.
you: ok. The type of processor in the tivoli server, or each domino server 
it runs against?
Robyn: The pricing is based on the server...
you: repeat. Tivoli or domino
Robyn: The hardware server itself...
Robyn: I can bring up a link for you here that goes over the pricing 
schema. It's a little more clear-cut in the chart included with the 
you: Ok if I have Tivoli on one piece of hardware. And domino on two 
pieces of hardware am I paying for the one piece of hardware running 
tivoli or the two pieces of hardware running domino?
you: I guess I can take a look at the chart
Robyn: I believe it's just for the server you'll be running Tivoli on...
you: Sounds fair and competitive. Thanks.
Robyn: I'm just bringing up the link to the chart for you...
Robyn: Please click here to access link to Processor Value unit chart.
Robyn: Are you able to access the link I sent?
you: But "starts out..." has me concerned. Our tivoli would be a Linux ppc 
on an ibm i5. 
you: I am checking out the link now...
Robyn: The pricing I have available to me personally is based upon a 
Passport Advantage license agreement. That $122 is the maximum charged for 
the license, and will vary if you already have an existing agreement with 
Robyn: That $122 is a ball-park figure, however.
you: We have passport advantage.
you: That price isn't $122 * 2 core Power5 * 100 value units per core = 
$24,400, is it?
Robyn: I'm just double-checking that out now for you...
Robyn: The pricing is based on a per 10 value units basis, so you'd be 
looking at about $2440....
Robyn: If you'd like, I can have a Tivoli tech rep get in touch with you, 
and they will be able to further clarify pricing details for you, as well 
as provide further technical details about the product.
you: That's easier to swallow. Thanks for the information. 

Rob Berendt

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