The answer may vary with version of BPCS. I am on 405 CD.

ACR300 is an inquiry program, so it not matter how many people are using it at the same time, they are not updating or adding transactions to RAR. If you are getting duplicate / wrong transactions in RAR it is not ACR300 that is doing it.

Transactions get added updated in RAR when someone does the billing like BIL500 or applies cash with ACR500. There are other programs that update RAR.

In general, when two or more people are using same software, or similar software, that updates or adds to the same file, BPCS has a set of controls to avoid logical conflicts between those actions, to avoid broken input. There is no one consistent way used. It varies with application and program. BPCS is not perfeect in this, or other regards. Further any in-house modifications can also be flawed.

In my case, I am under the gun to implement modifications FAST, so I do them based on how the enterprise currently functions. Then the enterprise evolves.

In the past, we have got duplicated / wrong transactions into RAR and other BPCS accounting files. Here is how it happens.

User is at a PC connected to the computer via a series of connections much more vulnerable to disruption and loss of connection than direct line twinax. They are doing an update program in BPCS and they lose their connection. There are procedures to recover the work where they left off. The user does not follow the appropriate procedure. Instead the user restarts the program.

At this point, there are work "objects" (file members, data structures) containing the work that was done prior to the loss of connection, which had not been taken to a conclusion, and the proper recovery procedure would have taken them to a conclusion & cleared out the work objects before restarting, but now the user doing over again some work that is contained in those "objects" leading to some of the work that was done before the disruption, getting posted in duplicate.

The cause of this is human turnover in various job functions, where the new people do not get complete training in BPCS.

If you have lacked this instruction, I suggest you look on your BPCS environment for a file called BPCSDOC, then a text document in there called SSALOG00, which is the logic manual for how BPCS works, and ought to be managed, to avoid this kind of problem.

I was just thinking, if some is running ACR300 in a single thread
environment, Some time it is creating duplicate/wrong transaction in
RAR.Can some one advise me what are the commands to be used to do that.


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