Strictly speaking the TDRs (Transaction data repositories) are the data
queues, and from the OEAMNU you can rebuild them.
However, the files you need to clear of deleted records (hard deleted,
unlike 'normal' BPCS files that have logically 'Z' deleted records) are the
ZQWAP. ZQWRP, ZQWSP and ZQWTP files.ZQRP in particular can have thousands
of deleted records and no active ones.  Look at them with DSPFD to see the
number of deleted records. When I tested clearing these files using the
OEAMNU option it didn't work completely, so maybe it's better to clear them
manually overnight using AS/400 commands.
There is also the log file - ZQL I believe.
Also, on the subject of getting rid of 'Z' soft deleted records in BPCS -
in some cases you don't want to do that either. For example the ZPD file,
new in V6 and used for printing, 'Z's a record when the
invoice/acknowledgment/picklist etc is printed. The file grows, as these
records are not dropped, BUT users may want to reprint these items and
can't do so if you remove the 'Z' records. So here a more sophisticated
solution is required, maybe using a date as well.


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